« thecamp : innovate, anticipate and accelerate together to succeed. »
Emmanuel Macron
French Minister for the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs


« thecamp really is a magnificent project; exciting, ambitious and clever – a real totem for Provence and France to conquer the world… »
Axelle Lemaire
State Secretary in charge of Digital Innovation

Why thecamp ?
Humanity is facing enormous challenges at the beginning of the 21st century. This is a century where the ruptures brought about by technology and its use have the potential to offer unprecedented economic and social opportunities, as long as these changes benefit mankind, enabling us to be proactive players in our future world more than ever before. Our future models of society and civilization will be born and evolve out of these transformations. Europe must take a more active role in this crucial transformational dynamic for humanity! Our cities, which will soon be home for three-quarters of the world’s population, are set to become the prime location for this reconstruction. Meeting these new challenges, this new complexity, implies the creation of new ecosystems.


That’s the reason for and the role of thecamp !

What is thecamp ?
  • A new type of campus in Europe, dedicated to digital transformation and to Cities of Tomorrow, international, transcending disciplines, cultures, and generations
  • An open “third place” where managers from the private and public sectors, start-ups, students and experts will come together to live, work together and share a few days, weeks or months
  • A living place, an experimental space, inspirational and innovational, a space for cultural exchange and interaction, with accommodation for 250 residents and two restaurants
  • A catalyst for futurology and innovation, a space to experiment and develop projects, a place for learning, training and changing
  • A private/public sector partnership initiative with a 75M€ budget
  • Inspired by CUSP NYC (Center for Urban Science and Progress), Singularity University (NASA Campus) and MIT (Media Lab)
  • Located in Aix-en-Provence (Technopôle de l’Environnement Arbois Méditerranée), 12 000 m2 of buildings, nestling within 7 ha of natural surroundings, 5 minutes from the TGV Station and 15 minutes from Marseille Provence Airport
  • Campus due to open in spring 2017


Discussion with the Founder
Frédéric Chevalier, why are you creating thecamp?
I believe that individually and collectively we have three responsibilities.
As an entrepreneur, who has acquired an investment capacity, I feel I have a personal responsibility to create thecamp here, in this area, while casting a long vision into the future, towards the world that we wish to build, where we would like to live. I’m investing all my vision and experience as an entrepreneur for the benefit of this project because I believe it is fundamentally needed. And because it is needed, I want to make it magnificent.

Thecamp : management and organization
Orientation Council
President : Jean-Paul Bailly, Honorary President of Groupe La Poste.
This committee’s role is to advise and define the strategy and ambitions of thecamp by making proposals and recommendations. It is also responsible for overseeing the principles for thecamp over the long term, providing information, future thinking, monitoring and vigilance. It contributes to outreach activities and promotion and will be established over the next few months with a membership of international personalities from diverse backgrounds.
Management Team
President : Frédéric Chevalier, President and Founder of Groupe HighCo.
Members : François Creton, Thomas Houdaille and Lionel Minassian.
Defines strategy and resources, takes action to develop and coordinate thecamp ecosystem. Reports to the Orientation Council and coordinates the Steering Committee.
Steering Committee
Membership formed from the private and public sector founding partners, as well as the associated partners (experiment partners, start-ups, sector clusters). This committee has a role in the strategic management of thecamp. It is responsible for setting up thematic working groups related to the activities of the ecosystem, in order to make operational recommendations to be acted upon by the Management Team.

What architecture for thecamp ?
Thecamp couldn’t flourish in an ordinary location. The campus had to be embodied in a one-of-a-kind architectural project, an exemplary project in terms of aesthetics, innovation, environmental performance and landscape integration. The architect Corinne Vezzoni designed thecamp as a concept location, an « Object-World » like a UFO which has landed in Provence, powerfully meeting the campus’ ambitions.
The canvas covering the central hub is perfectly adapted to the Mediterranean climate, it lets light through and protects against the elements. The Inside/Outside concept encourages meetings and interaction, while maintaining a connection with nature.
Thecamp, an experimental site and full-sized showroom, welcomes, right from the construction phase, the pilots and latest innovations put forward by start-ups and partner companies.
Sustainable development is an integrated aim of the building project, notably in terms of preserving the site’s biodiversity, opting for a dry construction method and signing a « clean site » charter, which will be respected throughout the construction.
See you in spring 2017 when the buildings will be finished !
Architects : Corinne Vezzoni & Associés
Developers : REDMAN

The partners
Thecamp is an innovation ecosystem that is unique in Europe. It is also a collective general interest project we wish to share. Its success will be underpinned by the private and public founding partners who come on this journey with us to fulfil this unique ambition, namely to become a place dedicated to the digital transformation and construction of tomorrow’s cities, a creative place devoted to innovation and experimentation, and a place which inspires an entrepreneurial attitude.
Private sector founding partners

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Public sector founding partners

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Building program partners


Experimentation partners

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