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Capsule hive innovative and social project


20 young creatives. 6 months.
A collaborative residency to hack the future.

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Starting March 21, 2019

To reinforce the residency’s global approach, we’re currently talent scouting all over in Africa with our partner Afrobytes – the African tech industry market place.


We all know that there are great challenges coming ahead – environmental, social, economic...

We believe a team of young creatives can hack these crucial issues by prototyping solutions no one dares to invent.

What is Hive?

A 6-month residency program hosting 20 artists and creators from all over the world. This team of young creatives form a collaborative expedition to explore and hack the future, developing concrete solutions applied to universal issues. Energy, oceans, mobility, education, quality of life… are the kind of challenges

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9 women, 11 men, 11 nationalities.

Designers, makers, engineers, coders, innovators or a combination of these!
Hivers have complementary profiles with creative backgrounds.
They join thecamp because they want to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Joana Mateus
29 - Portugal
Entrepreneur & Designer
Jon Flint
28 - UK
Maker & Designer
Julia Jacques
27 - French
UX Designer
Julie Guidicelli
Graphic designer
Léa Wlodarczyk
27 - France
Space Designer
Nicholas Grossman
24 - USA
Visual Effects - 3D Artist
Quentin Maniguet
24 - France
Coder & Engineer
Ryan Dzelzkalns
30 - USA
Poet & Storyteller