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To address the challenges of our times and find concrete solutions that serve the general interest, thecamp brings together major groups, NGOs, politicians, artists, militants, public citizens, children...

We want to re-invent imageries, perceptions and pave the way for new paradigms shaping the world of tomorrow. That's why Waves brings together forces working towards a same objective, building them into a strong, organized collective movement. 

Each year, a few projects in line with development objectives from the UN, the OECD and the World Economic Forum are selected. Waves then operates in two phases of 6 months each: one for reflection and networking on and off campus; one for action and concrete applications on the field. 



Waves is aimed solely at social and environmental issues.

Its philosophy can be likened to a wave or a popular movement, always growing and irresistible.


A wave doesn't belong to thecamp. We are starting a movement in the hope that it spreads far and wide.

We encourage collaboration rather than competition and prefer success as a group to individual achievement.

A wave's value lies in its ability to bring together varied profiles, from expert to novice, scientist to campaigner, retired person to student, CEO to second grade…

All our projects are documented and open-source.

We dare to make a stand and propose a different vision, even if it breaks with convention.


Since no two waves are identical, we do not have a protocol but principles and values to which we are faithful.


There are already countless world-changing projects focusing on the subjects we deal with. Our role is not to replace them, but to link them together.

Everybody can join a wave. Let's do something bigger together.

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