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thecamp council

Somewhere between an advisory board and a council of elders, thecamp council is an exceptional group of leaders from around the world, renowned for the originality of their work and the standard of their commitment.

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thecamp council is a target-oriented project council with the purpose of creating an acceleration collective. It operates independently of the day-to-day activities of thecamp, yet in close working relationship with its team.

thecamp council explores “big questions” – we call them “vectors” – that will help propel thecamp to the next level of its evolution.


Working Principles

The council is composed of a group of French and international experts who join forces for a 12-month period to create deliverables that will take thecamp to the next level. After this, the group is disbanded, and a new cycle begins.



Richard St-Pierre
Co-President of thecamp council, CEO of C2
Lionel Minassian
Co-President of thecamp council
Djamel Agaoua
CEO of Viber
Jean-Philippe Agresti
Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Science at Aix-Marseille University
Frédéric Bardeau
President and Co-Founder of
Alexandre Cadain
Co-Founder and CEO of Anima
Ming-Po Cai
Founder and President of Cathay Capital
Marie Ekeland
Co-Founder of daphni
Nusrat Durrani
General Manager at MTV Networks
Nicolas Hazard
Founder of INCO
Génifère Legrand
Chief Creative Officer at C2
Axelle Lemaire
Partner and Global Head of Terra Numerata at Roland Berger
Philippe Meunier
Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Sid Lee
Angélique Mohring
CEO of GainX
Lamiya Morshed
Executive Director of Yunus Centre
Christian Nibourel
Former President of Accenture France and Benelux
Marie-Hélène Straus
Chief Officer, Consumer & Innovation Strategies at Chalhoub Group
Cédric Villani
Mathematician and Deputy of the Essonne in the French National Assembly
Cyril Zimmerman
Founder and CEO of AdUX

Permanent Guests

Pascale Chevalier
President of thecamp foundation
Jean-Paul Bailly
Vice President of thecamp foundation