Cross-pollinate with vibrant communities and be enriched by unexpected friction.

On any given day at thecamp, corporate executives are challenged by teenagers. Entrepreneurs prototype their ideas with designers. Students have lunch with public leaders. Experts explore creative thinking with artists and coders...

An immersive experience to transform people and organizations for positive impact.

Which problems? Which strategy?

What interferes with positive change?

- the lack of inspiration and the disbelief that change is possible
- a complex reality
- the fact that people don’t talk to each other and work in silos
- the inability to turn ideas into real projects and scale them

An unprecedented collaborative ecosystem dedicated to projects can offer concrete solutions to humanity’s great challenges thanks to a virtuous circle of four steps to transformation.

1 Inspiration

Create a spark to change the world.

2 Transformation

From linear to systemic.

3 Co-creation

Break silos to challenge conformism and generate environmental & social value.

4 Scaling

Propel breakthroughs and test on the field locally, then globally to maximize impact.

Who will come to thecamp?

An ecosystem for change