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thecamp is a place where talents from all over the world can get training, inspire each other and work on projects to develop solutions for an exciting and optimistic future.

Our challenge is to f­ind new approaches to universal issues, and to aggregate people and projects driven by the same will and excitement for the future we’re all responsible for!

To change things concretely in fields such as food, mobility, energy, but also the future of work or artificial intelligence, thecamp gives resources to individuals and organizations to: get training and face the challenges of a transforming world (Education and Facilitation); organize and attend conferences, meetups, hackathons… (Events); be active on the field through collaborative creation, experimentation, acceleration, innovation, youth empowerment or general interest (Projects).


We are new-generation creative types (designers, digital, artists, mixed-media artists, programmers), entrepreneurs, post-graduate students, international researchers and experts, small company directors, CEOs of major groups, professionals from the private and public sectors, senior managers on training courses, young people, children…


Our base camp is located in Aix-en-Provence, France. Inspired by American campuses but also Accelerators and FabLabs, it’s a futuristic hub with exceptional natural surroundings where people can live and sleep for a few days or a few months, experiment new ways of eating, work and prototype, attend events and create new bonds through many activities.


Sustainable development is at the heart of the campus, built into the foundations of our architecture, our teams, our products and programs, so that we can co-create desirable futures.


Fondateur du campus innovation thecamp

Frédéric Chevalier

thecamp was initiated in 2013 by Frédéric Chevalier. He was President until July 2017, when he passed away in an accident. He dedicated his entire energy and enthusiasm to thecamp, in a relentless quest for solutions in order to contribute to a more humane and sustainable world.


His legacy – a feeling of urgency while facing the world's transformations – is now embodied by thecamp. This feeling today inspires us, makes us dream, move mountains and continues more than ever to push us forward.



Somewhere between an advisory board and a council of elders, thecamp council is an exceptional group of leaders from around the world, renowned for the originality of their work and the standard of their commitment.


We work with about 20 international founding partners, both from the private and public sectors, and many organizations of experimenters and disrupters.

Founding Partners

thecamp is your ecosystem to co-create projects that will transform your business.


To develop together positive impact projects.

Experimentation partners

Living-lab spaces where innovations are tested in real-life conditions.


Legal framework for the implementation of collective intelligence.

thecamp is driven by a single conviction: collaborative solutions are more sustainable, more efficient and have more impact that those formulated in isolation. The sharing of information contributes to its enrichment. Open access to innovation fosters its renewal and the aggregation of skills enhances creativity. Our ambition is to bring people together to create innovative solutions that will benefit as many as possible.