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Create new convictions and build a positive vision of the future of technology by imagining a new path for innovations that differentiate you from the competition.

We are living in an age where just a small handful of the world’s most influential digital giants dominate the market. Over the past few decades, companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft have revolutionized many aspects of our daily lives and transformed the very basis of human interaction. More so, the development of digital technology has been accompanied by new discourse, and new values have become seemingly intrigant to technological innovation. So, what if we questioned the status quo and the values of these digital giants and their platforms?

This workshop is part of International Pass training program.

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Digital Transformation Strategy

By analyzing the underlying myths and ideologies of digital technology, this workshop will invite you to let go of the dominant discourse of technology giants to instead rethink together a more desirable digital future for all, complete with the values and way of life unique to Europe.

You will rethink the definition of innovation. You will explore the fundamentals of technology adoption and how public embracement should be on equal footing with technological development so that citizens can take a more active stance in shaping their own desirable futures. You will build new convictions and develop a positive vision of our future by imagining new approaches to innovation.

You will be accompanied by engaging instructors, experts in their respective fields. Kevin Echraghi brings with him both an entrepreneurial perspective and long industry experience and will guide you through a deeper investigation of the ideologies and economic models at the heart of the products and services offered by these digital giants. He will help you imagine alternative visions of the future while abiding by different values and encourage you to unleash the creativity necessary to resist the overwhelming influence of these giants.  You will also get into the minds of Californian innovators by testing for yourself the approach known as “technological solutionism”. 

Vassilis Agouridas, an accomplished academic and an active part of radical technological development at Airbus, will introduce you to new ways of thinking about the role of citizens in the reshaping of their own future and in the development of technological breakthroughs. He will illustrate this using real-world examples from his work in the field of urban air mobility and demonstrate why public engagement should be held in higher esteem.

10 to 15 participants maximum from different organizations, no prior expertise required.

Day 0: Arrival and Welcome Dinner

[… – 19:30]
Arrival at thecamp and Check-In

[20:00 – …]
Welcome Dinner


Day 1: Ideological Roots of the Digital Giants and Critical Thinking

[08:45 – 09:00]
Morning Energizer / Wake-Up Call Ritual

[09:00 – 09:10]
Context, Introduction, Agenda, Experiential Learning Model

[09:10 – 10:45]
Introduction to the Californian Giants—Economics and Ideologies

[11:00 – 12:30]
Looking Behind the Curtain of New Technology

[12:30 – 14.00]
Lunch, followed by a surprise encounter

[14:00 – 15:30]
Posing the Difficult Questions—Are the Digital Giants Unavoidable?

[15:45 – 17:30]
Imagining Alternatives—What Values are the Most Important?

[17:30 – 19:00]
Break / Exploring thecamp

[19:00 – 20:00]

[20:00 – 21:00]

[21:00 – …]
Chilling at the bar


Day 2: Reinventing the Values of Innovation

[08:45 – 09:00]
Morning Energizer / Wake-Up Call Ritual

[09:00 – 10:30]
Interactive Exercices

[11:00 – 12:30]
What is “Technological Solutionism”?

[12:30 – 14:00]
Lunch, followed by a surprise encounter

[14:00 – 15:30]
Applications—Looking Closer

[15:45 – 17:15]
Imagining New Products and Services

[17:15 – 17:30]
Closing—Wrap-Up and Feedback


Agenda is subject to change. 

  • Develop your capacity for critical thinking
  • Identify new levers for growth or diversification when faced with the Internet giants
  • Defend your digital strategy choices
  • Understand the value of public engagement in innovation processes
  • Keynotes
  • Creative exercises
  • Discussion



2750* (excl. VAT)

✓ 2 days training
✓ Full board and accommodation (2 days)
✓ Access to all cultural activities and sports facilities 

*pricing depends on the company size and if you are attending as an individual


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