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In this interactive talk, Stéphane Cobo, Innovation Manager & Startup Sherpa at RATP Group, will give advice and methods for how large companies can profoundly renew the way they function.

Should we believe those who predict the end of large French companies, or will these companies be able to themselves disrupt their own markets?

Large companies are today confronted with deeply destabilizing challenges: the rapid appearance of new competitors, the accelerating pace of innovation, new social expectations, sustainability, the platformization of the economy… All of these factors make radical transformation in these companies a necessity.

Stéphane Cobo will clearly outline the conditions and actions necessary to face these challenges and avoid the risks of disruption. The case of urban mobility, currently under considerable pressure, will be a case study and a comparison for the cases of audience members who want to apply the proposed advice and methods, including C-K theory. 

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Disruption Innovation Mobility
Date & Time

    550 rue Denis Papin
    Aix-en-Provence 13100