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Learn to sing with a professional choir!

Shy about singing in public? Come learn how to sing at thecamp with Hysope!

Through a workshop led by Bruno Rastier, Hysope’s conductor, join an ephemeral choir at thecamp.

New to music, or don’t know how to read it? No problem!

Through playful voice games in a group, you’ll learn to place your voice, to use your breath and to understand the non-verbal language of the conductor. You’ll also draw parallels between conducting a choir, and managing a project in a company. And, most importantly, you’ll experience the emotions associated with singing in a group, and the well-being it creates.

The workshop will last one hour. After the workshop, you’ll be able to attend the Hysope choir’s rehearsal if you wish, which will start at 20:00. You’ll get an inside view of how an excellent local choir works.

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Date & Time

    550 Rue Denis Papin
    Aix-en-Provence 13100


    [18h00 - 18h30]

    Doors open


    [18h30 - 19h30]

    Choral singing beginners’ workshop led by Bruno Rastier, conductor of the choir Hysope


    [20h00 - 23h00]

    Hysope rehearsal, open to the public

    • Online registration mandatory
    • No outside food and drinks allowed
    • Payment by card only