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An evening with Dr. Alison Clark-Wilson, British researcher at UCL, exploring how technology can enhance human-centric education systems.

The societal challenges for education are huge as we work towards offering lifelong education to all parts of the globe, for young and old alike. Coupled with this, technology offers some solutions to providing access to education, whilst also limiting the way that knowledge and learning is conceived.

What does a human-centered, digitally-enhanced education system look like? And what are the pathways that might take us in the right direction(s)?

How can we reconceptualise what, how and when we assess, examine or validate human learning in ways that do not disenfranchise certain groups of learners?

This talk is part of a series presented by Hive, thecamp’s collaborative residency.

Join us for the others, too! 

→ March 25: Sustainable Cities with Alice Cabaret

→ April 1: Food with Carolyn Steel

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Education Emerging Technology
Date & Time


    [From 18:15] 

    Talk followed by Q&A