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Gain the ability to understand the fundamentals of neuroscience and apply insights from cutting-edge cognitive research to your personal and professional practice.

Just as over the past 50 years we have seen enormous advances in technological development, brain science seems to be the new frontier of the 21st century. We are living in an age where we can connect the dots between management, leadership practices and human interaction, and better understand the unique interrelationship between our psychology and physiology. Brain science has the potential to change the way we approach management and how we organize the social environment of workplace culture. As we better understand our brain and can begin to make more sense of what it does and how it does things, we begin to approach stress management and problem solving differently.

This workshop is part of International Pass training program.

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Business Systemic thinking Strategy

During this workshop, you will be invited to discover neurotechnology and experience for yourself how these tools and techniques can be used to glean insights into what makes your brain tick. You will be encouraged to test the scientific method and partake in new experiences. Balancing theory and application, this workshop will enable you to better understand the latest scientific research and concretely demonstrate how you can use it to inform your personal and professional practices.

You will be accompanied by diverse international experts who are capable of bridging the divide between psychology and physiology. Jesús Tomaz-Duque and Paoline Coulson will draw from their years expertise in the cutting-edge field of human machine interactions, robotics and biomechatronics to walk you through unique interactive experiences which delve right into the heart of your cognitive perceptions and will help you visualize what your brain is doing at any given moment; whether it be making decisions or practicing mindfulness and meditation.

Another expert (to be announced) will link the physiology of the brain to leadership and management roles and explore what and how you can apply this knowledge to your daily professional life.

You will learn concepts and hands-on techniques drawn from the most up-to-date cognitive brain research to help you improve your individual, team and organizational performance. Your awareness of your own actions will be enhanced, and you will have a new understanding of how you and your brain cope with stressful situations.

Day 0: Arrival and Welcome Dinner

[… – 19:30]
Arrival at thecamp and Check-In

[20:00 – …]
Welcome Dinner


Day 1: Hands-on Neuroscience – Understanding our Brains Better

[08:45 – 09:00]
Morning Energizer / Wake-Up Call Ritual

[09:00 – 09:10]
Context, Introduction, Agenda, Experiential Learning Model

[09:10 – 10:45]
Introduction to neurotechnology

[11:00 – 12:30]
Interactive Workshop—Creating Neuro-digital Art

[12:30 – 14.00]
Lunch, followed by a surprise encounter

[14:00 – 15:30]
The Scientific Method and Its Valuable Applications

[15:45 – 17:30]
Neuro-interactive Workshop—Management and Your Brain

[17:30 – 19:00]
Break / Exploring thecamp

[19:00 – 20:00]

[20:00 – 21:00]

[21:00 – …]
Chilling at the bar


Day 2: Cognitive Sciences – Theory and Applications in Professional Environments

[08:45 – 09:00]
Morning Energizer / Wake-Up Call Ritual

[09:00 – 10:30]
Introduction to Cognitive Sciences

[11:00 – 12:30]
You, Your Brain and Leadership

[12:30 – 14:00]
Lunch, followed by a surprise encounter

[14:00 – 15:30]
Applications of the Theory

[15:45 – 17:15]
Leveraging Brain Science in Your Organisation

[17:15 – 17:30]
Closing—Wrap-Up and Feedback


Agenda is subject to change.

  • Approach situations with greater awareness of your own physiology
  • Understand breakthrough advances in neurotechnology and cognitive sciences
  • Better inform your personal and professional practices through brain science
  • Keynotes
  • Hands-on activities
  • Debate and discussion
  • Experimentation



2750* (excl. VAT)

✓ 2 days training
✓ Full board and accommodation (2 days)
✓ Access to all cultural activities and sports facilities 

*pricing depends on the company size and if you are attending as an individual

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