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An evening with Carolyn Steel, British architect and writer, exploring how we feed our cities.

How do you feed a city? It’s a vital question, yet is one that we rarely ask. Living in the modern city, it's easy to assume that we’ve solved the problem of feeding ourselves, yet nothing could be further from the truth. Modern agriculture is one of the most destructive human activities on the planet, with climate change, deforestation, water scarcity, pollution and mass extinction just some of its side effects. 

Food has always shaped our bodies, homes, societies, cities and landscapes; now we need to learn to harness that power for good. We already live in a version of what one might call sitopia (from Greek sitos, food + topos, place). By recognising that fact, we can think and act through food to create a better, more equitable and sustainable world. 

This talk is part of a series presented by Hive, thecamp’s collaborative residency.

Join us for the others, too!

 March 25: Sustainable Cities, with Alice Cabaret

April 8: Education, with Dr. Alison Clark-Wilson

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    [From 18:15] 

    Talk followed by Q&A