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Come discover the future of work with Norbert Merjagnan, science fiction writer, speaker and socially committed author.

Does work have a future? Is there any paid professional activity that can escape from its own collapse? From classes to castes, will the world of work soon become a multiverse? Can currency, the universal reference for value, transmute from the vertical to the horizontal? The most tried and tested complex organization – life itself – does without bosses, plans or goals: what about us?


This event is part of a series of free talks entitled “Imaginons demain” (“Let’s Imagine Tomorrow”). Each event is centered on a cast of visionaries whose work is unanimously recognized for its capacity to anticipate and explain the future.

Through their sensibilities and their experiences, we’ve asked them to imagine what their practice will be like tomorrow. How can we anticipate new uses? How can we engage ourselves today in new ways of creating and producing?

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Date & Time

    550 rue Denis Papin, La Duranne
    Aix-en-Provence 13100


    [From 20:00]

    Doors open


    [20:30 - 21:30]



    [21:30 - 22:00]

    Q&A, discussion with the audience


    [Until 22:30]

    Stick around for a drink and more conversation at thecamp’s bar!

    Free upon registration

    Free parking, carpooling encouraged

    Bar open, payment by card only

    How to get to thecamp