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We built thecamp to provide explorers with resources and the friendly environment they need to learn, prototype and test new things for our future.

In a natural setting of 17 acres, on the edge of Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, the 110,000 sq ft of futuristic buildings designed by architect Corinne Vezzoni recall nomad encampments, versatile and existing in symbiosis with the environment.

Taking its inspiration from American universities, think/do tanks and fab labs, thecamp is a space where innovative expeditions are planned to survey, assess and invent the future in a collaborative way. It provides the optimum conditions: a human ecosystem for co-creating, the methods and tools for prototyping, partners for innovating in the field, spaces for decelerating and activities for discovering new things and creating special bonds.

For exploring futures



→   17 acres of natural surroundings
→   110,000 sq ft of buildings
→   150 accommodation units
→   1 restaurant and 1 bar
→   1 indoor amphitheatre (for app. 200 people)
→   1 outdoors theatre (for app. 400 people)

→   Work rooms
→   Fablab and Inspire Lab
→   Experimental spaces
→   Collaborative activities and sports experiences
→   Natural swimming pool
→   Sports fields (multipurpose, beach volley, boules...)

The architect's story

Corinne vezzoni

Droning thecamp

Key Figures

Canopy structure / incubators

Surface of the canopy: 6 729 m2
Number of pylons: 24
Metal structure: 528 linear meters
Structure's weight: 600 tons
Making of one pylon: 300 hours of work
Number of bolts: 7 560
Canopy's average height: 10 m
Duration of studies related to the canopy (wind/snow/rain/comfort): 8 months
Volume of rain collected: 250 m3/h of rainwater per impluvium




Surface: 17 acres
Number of initial trees: 272
Number of future trees: 272
Delta height top/bottom: 12 m
Building impact on ground: 5 640 m2 (8 % of the ground's surface)




- 20% on housing
- 40% on incubators


Development & workforce

18 months study before launching construction
18 months construction
Maximum number of people working on the construction site: 140



Housing buildings

Wooden floors: 3 453 m2
Outdoor walkway wooden floors: 1 944 m2
Wooden indoor dividing walls: 3 162 m2
Wooden poles: 804 lm
Wooden beams: 1 154 lm
Openwork wooden façade: 13 110 lm
Wooden cladding: 1 342 m2




Concrete: 4 167 m3 of casted concrete
Incubators' curved glass surface: 1 943 m2
Vegetal rooftop on housing building 1: 465 m2
Number of doors: 405




Weight of the project 3D-file (Archicad): 2 Go
Weight of architect data since sketching: 422 Go
Weight of exchanged data: 10 To