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Séjours jeunes eco-responsable et innovation

10 days for being challenged, being inspired and taking action!

Activate your talents and your curiosity through a unique collective experience focused on the topic of tomorrow’s food.

DATES: July 05-15 - SOLD OUT!
July 17-26, 2019 - SOLD OUT!

PARTICIPANTS: Teenagers, ages 14 to 17


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Over 10 days and in a group of your peers, you’ll be challenged, learn and take action, taking inspiration from innovative people. You’ll be able to create solutions for spreading awareness of one of tomorrow’s major challenges: our food resources.

Join us to better understand, to debate and to act together to push forward solutions, get a new vision of today’s world and better prepare for the future. Come share ways of being, ways of doing and ways of creating, related to the future of food.

BECOMEthecamp is a new program constructed as an evolution of 2018’s Bivy Camps. In association with the program BECOME, the Youth Camp Experiences association has created two new camp sessions mixing curiosity, conversation, creativity, community engagement, sports activites and fun!


Bivy camp - explore the future with teens




→ BECOMEthecamp #2: July 06-15 - SOLD OUT! and July 17-26, 2019 - SOLD OUT!


The only registration criteria are that:

→ You’re between 14 and 17 years old;
→  You’re motivated and want to make a commitment to yourself and others, in a program that’s unique in France.

36 slots are available for this program (18 slots per session).

We want to have as many young women as young men, as many alumni as new participants and social diversity. Once the 36 slots are filled, it won’t be possible to register. But rest assured, we plan to offer other experiences throughout the year and during school holidays!

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Séjours pour jeunes développement durable, innovation

Practical info


The duration of a BECOMEthecamp session is 10 days, with 9 nights spent at thecamp.


Throughout the session, the participants are supervised a program director and by certified supervisors (BAFD and BAFA certification), and qualified technical supervisors will ensure that sports and art activites run smoothly.

Accommodations and Sports Facilities

Taking inspiration from bivouac shelters, the teenagers will be housed in fun and comfortable tents designed by our partners Lotus Experiences, set in natural surroundings.

They have access to all the sports facilities on site : supervised swimming pool, beach volleyball court, multi-sports pitch, pétanque and walking trails.


In line with the association’s values, we design our programs to allow for equal participation of girls and boys, as well as social diversity.


thecamp is a base camp for exploring an exciting, human and sustainable future. The question of sustainability is an essential factor in our thought process and actions, which is why we have chosen to explore nutrition that has the least possible impact on our planet and living beings, positive nutrition with no meat or fish.

The meals provided are balanced and put together in keeping with nutritional principles – they look good and taste good!

Make a Donation

For those who wish to, we propose a free and willful participation in the form of a community donation that will help the association involve other young people at reduced cost to them. Contact us to find out more.

Support a family


Rates and financial aid

Above all, we want to welcome motivated teenagers, whatever their family's level of income. This is why a special measure and a partnerships with local associations have been put in place for families unable to bear the cost of the program.

The contribution is calculated via the CAF family quotient*:

  • Quotient greater than 3000: 1000 euros including tax for 10 days
  • Quotient less than 3000: 500 euros including tax for 10 days
  • Families who qualify for CAF aide can benefit from special rates: contact us.

*family quotient = reference fiscal income (appearing on tax docuement) / number of tax shares / 12

Whatever the family quotient, the rate is inferior to the actual cost of the session. The difference in price is covered thanks to the support of our partners: Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso and thecamp. 

The cost includes accommodation, full board, supervisory staff expenses, experts, excursions during the week, activities and the specific equipment used during the stay. The cost does not include travel to and from Aix-en-Provence, personal belongings and additional insurance. A shuttle will be available from Aix TGV station or Aix bus station. Payment in 2 installments with no additional fees is possible.

Families wishing to make a donation to support the association, contact us!


Bivy camp - explore the future with teens


Bivy camp - explore the future with teens


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