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20 creative talents. 6 months.

A collaborative residency to explore new solutions for a desirable future. 

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A collaborative residency to explore new solutions for a desirable future.

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A community of more than 40 Hivers from different backgrounds and from all over the world.

Meet the alumni

More than 12 solutions have been developed to face tomorrow's challenges in the 3 previous residencies. Follow their progress.

See solutions from Hive #02


Hivers collectively decide what major projects they work on and design the best teams to achieve objectives they set. These projects could be artworks, IOT, social innovation services, games…

✓ Housing and meals for the entire residency

✓ €600 fellowship / month

✓ Fully equipped workspaces (computers, software, Arduino, machines and fablab...)

✓ A production budget allocated to each project, for which the team is accountable

✓ External ressources (mentors, experts, utilisateurs)

✓ A team of facilitators dedicated to the program

✓ The entire ecosystem of thecamp (programs, campers, partners...)

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Want the latest information about the solutions and their progress? 
Check out the logbook on

March 2019 - September 2019

April 2018 - September 2018

September 2017 - March 2018

Hive résidence artistique innovation développement durable