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thecamp foundation

Creating a more audacious and responsible future with and for the next generation

thecamp foundation is a non-profit organization that supports initiatives to empower a new generation of gamechangers: young, human-centered risk-takers who are thinking differently, working together and inventing sustainable models for an exciting future.


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Our commitments
Empower young changemakers and create a worldwide community

• Engage young human-centered risk takers under age 30 from all around the world with thecamp.
• Inspire and empower young people of all backgrounds and cultures with our programmes. 
• Propel smaller groups of remarkable gamechangers forward through the use of innovative tools and radical methodologies.

Create a bold multidisciplinary vision of the future

• Enable positive friction between different disciplines, generations, cultures and mindsets.
• Create the next generation’s creative vision for the future.
• Jumpstart radical ideas, and address causes rather than consequences.

Turn bold visions and radical ideas into reality

• Foster an environment for radical ideas to grow.
• Provide the next generation with the concrete tools they need to transform their ideas into prototypes.

Boost positive impact projects

• Activate thecamp’s ecosystem to create pathways for projects to be rolled out.
• Facilitate access to the right networks and markets.

Broadcast projects to the world and spark global conversations

• Create a digital hub to share visions, ideas and projects.  
• Facilitate a dynamic network of changemakers and stakeholders.
• Ensure that projects enter into dialogue with a wide audience through our media and partnerships with influencers around the world.




thecamp foundation is funded through donations by individuals, groups, companies and institutions through an endowment fund dedicated to its mission (tax-deductible).

We believe that a donation should not be limited to a financial transaction. To support thecamp foundation’s mission, other means exist ; from sharing knowledge and skills to lending equipment, to networking with potential patrons.

A new community of gamechangers is taking shape, and we want you to be a part of it. 

Join us in creating a more responsible and audacious future for all.  

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Since the opening of thecamp in September 2017, the associations Hive (collaborative residency), Youth Camp Experiences (initiatives for youth) and Waves (initiatives for collective impact) launched their activities and obtained their first results. These associations are now supported by thecamp foundation.

Support programs and projects for youth empowerment

1200 young people from all backgrounds welcomed (ages 7 to 25)
30 Discovery Days (ages 7 to 18)
3 Bivy Camps in July 2018, with 40 teenagers (ages 14 to 17)
10 elementary school classes mobilized by reCreation Lab #01, 250 children in total
2 digital books written collaboratively

Support collaborative general interest projects focused on societal and environmental challenges

1 collective, Plastic and Ocean Platform (POP) with a reputed scientific committee with 40 people and 20 associations
1 multi-expertise scientific report published
1 community of experts and young talents created around the mobility of the future (400 people)
1 book about imaginations published

Support the most disruptive creative, artistic and technological residency program in the world!

40 young international creatives welcomed in Hive#01 and Hive #02
16 different nationalities
12 collaborative projects created


sustainable goals foundation


thecamp foundation supports and launches projects and activities which respond to each of these goals.
In parallel, the development of soft skills will be highlighted: confidence, entrepreneurship, collaboration, and curiosity.