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Hive prototype for sensory journey
Collaborative residency – Hive Collaboration Arts and Culture

EDITORIAL: Invitation to a Sensory Journey

Éric Viennot and Sylvia Andriantsimahavandy, codirectors of thecamp's collaborative residency, invite us to embark on a sensory journey...

The call for applications for the 3rd collaborative residency – Hive – has already been issued, while the residents from the 2nd session are working on their prototypes, and those from the 1st are exhibiting and developing what they have made… Less than a year after it all started, a groundswell is underway: we are forging a community of young international talent, creative and committed people who share the values of goodwill towards others, solidarity and optimism in opening up new paths for the world of tomorrow!

We’ve been told that the immersive experience at thecamp is “extra-ordinary”, but it’s also unsettling, since working on the future requires people to think outside the box and to step out of their comfort zones. When they leave, “Hivers” say they are even more committed, some even transformed, more confident and enriched by the diversity they have encountered. They acquire many new skills and discover new professional opportunities. The projects they have worked on can even transform their careers. We grow with them through each experience and, thanks to them, continually reinvent ourselves. We are convinced that it’s in all our interests to push this multicultural DNA even further by seeking out talent in the most creative places on the five continents.

Bringing a different, sensitive view of the world, imagining and creating solutions to make it better, while implanting a collaborative state of mind in others is a worthy goal – and that is thecamp’s promise. Within thecamp, the Hive program is a breath of sensitive, curious and impertinent fresh air… where artists, designers, makers, programmers, engineers and their collaborative projects question the key issues in our society – an invitation to a sensory journey through thecamp’s creative galaxy.