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Hivers at thecamp
Collaborative residency – Hive Collaboration Arts and Culture

Hive#03: Off the Beaten Track!

Young creators, makers, designers, artists, engineers, programmers, non-conformists who want to change the world – we're calling you! You can still apply to take part in the 3rd session of the collaborative residency at thecamp, the base camp dedicated to exploring the future located in Aix-en-Provence, France.

From March 21, 2018, the staunchly multicultural residency will bring together twenty talented young people from around the world for a daily program of collaborative creation, prototyping and exchanging ideas with people from very different backgrounds, with the aim of contributing to a more human and more sustainable vision for the world. “We prepare young people to tackle the complexity of this world and invite them to hack its future”. “We make every effort to facilitate collaborative creation and, in six months, arrive at concrete projects with functional and testable prototypes –works of art, interactive experiences, technological solutions, social innovations… – in a spirit of radical innovation.”

The young people selected receive a residency scholarship and are given room and board on-campus and have access to all thecamp’s activities and facilities (conferences, sports facilities, work rooms, FabLab, living areas…). They take active part in a collaborative conceptualization and creation process that has to produce innovative general-interest projects that are sensitive, sensory and have a positive impact. At the same time, they have to work together on a daily basis with the thecamp ecosystem, its partners, founders and many other programs and participants – the “Campers”. In this collaborative residency, the creative heart ofthecamp, nobody arrives with a project in their pocket: here, the project is born from encounters.


Hive – What's it for?

For questioning reality and proposing innovative alternatives that are virtuous for humanity, society and the environment. The projects conceived, created and tested here take their inspiration from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, for example food resources of the future, education, sustainable mobility, quality of life in cities and protecting the oceans. The principle is to get off the beaten track and look at the accepted way of thinking and doing from a different angle.

So, if being a “Hiver” means having talent, it also – and above all – means being curious, wanting to exchange with other people, being eager to discover new ideas and to offer one’s two cents’ worth in a positive way. “A Hiver is a young professional who has a real know-how but also audacity and commitment and a desire to bring his or her talent, skills, views and drive to a group with the aim of making projects emerge here,” says the program’s codirector Sylvia Andriantsimahavandy.


How does it work?

The principle of the residency is to get people from completely different backgrounds and with different, yet complementary, career paths to work together, without any qualification requirements.

The Hive program is structured around a specific method designed entirely in-house by the team.

Alongside game designer and transmedia pioneer Éric Viennot and Sylvia Andriantsimahavandy, who has built innumerable bridges between art, culture and innovation, a team of multi-disciplinary facilitators ensures the residency’s day-to-day running: Tiphaine Pitoiset has worked in innovation and will build whatever comes into her head if she’s let loose in a FabLab; Audrey Agrafeil is production supervisor; Djeff Regottaz a digital artist with extensive experience in facilitating groups and collaborative creation methods; and Marc Alcaraz is acreative technologist. The team is backed up by a pool of experts, mentors and coaches who have come from all over the world to assist with the projects. 

Participants are encouraged to choose the themes that interest them, think about them, work on them in small groups and then set out their project with the aim of designing aprototype. As part of this evolving six-month process, exchanging ideas, testing and making improvements are continual. “We don’t impose a method, we just try to create the best possible conditions for new ideas to emerge, it’s an iterative process,” explains Éric Viennot.

So, as you can imagine, the Hive program isn’t a program like you would find at an incubator or R&D center or in a traditional residency, even less a training course. It’s a hybrid space for collaborative creation that advocates sharing, radical innovation, a sensitive and sensory viewpoint, iteration and getting projects off the ground!


Recruitment and selection criteria – A few tips!

This call for applications, like the previous ones, is aimed at artists, designers, makers, programmers, engineers, innovation managers etc. aged between 18 and 35. Here's what we're particularly looking for:

  • A high level of competence in a domain (the previous two sessions brought together graphic designers, object and interior designers, architects, makers, circus artists, sound designers, UX designers, musicians, poets, digital artists, FX artists, mathematicians, programmers, game designers, film makers and engineers).
  • Curious people with a quirky mind and a non-conformist and critical approach. People who want to take part in and contribute to the collective effort and step outside their comfort zone.
  • It’s not the diploma that counts, it’s what you’ve done in your life professionally, personally, in associations, in cultural organizations...
  • A real desire to take part in a collective experience. There’s no room for individualism in this collective residency!
  • Plus sensitivity, modesty, energy, optimism, kindness…  

An opening to the world

This third edition aims to be even more open to the world, with even more partnerships and alliances with organizations dedicated to innovation, hubs, networks, universities, cities and influential ambassadors in Africa, Asia, Europe and America. Certain cities and regions are targeted in particular : for example African cities, where innovation is booming; Berlin, Europe’s leading creative and alternative city; and Montreal. The first 40 Hivers have already represented 18 different nationalities.


Hive#03 key dates

  • Deadline for submitting applications: September 30, 2018 at midnight
  • Selection announcement: end of October, 2018.
  • Start date: March 21, 2019.