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Youth – YXP Food

How can we give kids a taste for sustainable food?

With the MIAAAM (“yum!”) program, 10 classes from local schools are exploring sustainable food so they can improve and preserve both their own health and that of the planet. Emmanuelle Hartmann, program manager for the Youth Camp Experiences association, tells us more!

– Hi Emmanuelle ! Why explore sustainable food with elementary and middle school students?

We want to give value back to food, and engage kids so that they adopt healthier and more sustainable ways of eating. Our ambition is to educate the new generations, give them tools, and share existing solutions with them so that they have a real desire to get involved and work on the huge challenges facing our planet!

– How does the MIAAAM program work?

MIAAAM is the name given to the 3rd edition of reCreation Lab, an annual program aimed at schoolchildren that started in 2017. The project, started by Youth Camp Experiences, the association dediated to young people that’s hosted at thecamp, emerged through discussions with the Académie d’Aix Marseille and local cities, who wanted to develop projects that would have an impact on young people.

Throughout the years, different topics and partners have enriched this project and its ecosystem. Last year, the students learned to be designers, observing their schools, imagining improvements and actually prototyping them, with help from college students studying design and ICI Marseille (watch the short film here!). 

This year, MIAAAM is working with 10 classes from elementary and middle schools in Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Vitrolles and La Ciotat. The sucess of the program also depends on the active participation of teachers. Each edition includes time for training the teacher, both before and during the program, with workshops and teaching resources that are shared and co-constructed.

– What experience will students have?

Food is a huge topic and we had to make some choices! The students’ journey covers 5 topics: the quality of meals & the senses; biodiversity and the environment; professions related to food & the local area; health & nutrition; and waste as a resource. The kids will observe, understand and share all these topics. We’ve planned for interaction with their families to also get them on board, and facilitate changes in behavior.

The project takes places in class, at thecamp and in 10 places in the local area (farms, shared gardens, innovative spaces…) to allow the students to learn about initiatives and to have tangible experiences related to the topc, and to give them the widest view possible.

The DNA of reCreation Lab is collaborative and collective work, within and between classes, but also, this year, with around twenty food experts that will be available to them for advice and information, via a digital platform – which you’ll be able to check out in February!

MIAAAM is supported and co-constructed by the association Youth Camp Experiences, the Académie d’Aix-Marseille, the Conseil départemental 13, Sodexo and the cities of La Ciotat and Marseille.

Stay tuned to discover the MIAAAM digital platform, the final presentation day on June 9, and to hear from participants!