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It's alive! thecamp's first quarter in figures

CAMPERS During the first quarter, our base camp hosted 8452 Campers from France and more than 25 countries, including Mexico, Brazil, China, Israel, South Korea, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, the United States and India! MEALS 24,944 meals exploring positive and environmental-friendly food alternatives – with no meat nor fish – were served. PASS 567 professionals received training on the challenges of tomorrow as part of the Pass program. CREATIVE PROJECTS 7 projects were completed by 20 young creators during their collaborative residency at Hive. STARTUP PROJECTS 10 startups received a 3-month support program at thecamp's Accelerator, in collaboration with the Village by CAAP. GENERAL INTEREST PROJECTS 1 collective fighting plastic pollution was set up with more than 30 international scientists and 20 NGOs. 1 scientific report was published on the reality of plastic pollution and its consequences. EXPERIMENTAL PROJECTS 5 projects are underway at the Lab to experiment with the future in the field in sectors such as mobility, energy and quality of life. YOUTH PROJECTS 250 4th-grade and 5th-grade kids were brought together by reCreation Lab to write an e-book together on the world of tomorrow.