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labster 2020 photo de groupe

Meet the young ones who want to change the world!

Last week, the third edition of the Labster program in partnership with SFR enabled 8 young people to take their first steps in the world of entrepreneurship. During this week in total immersion at thecamp, the labsters participated in workshops, surrounded by experts and entrepreneurs in order to acquire a solid business culture and to structure their projects.

Labster Week “it is to be in an exceptional environment, of incredible comfort at work and leisure: a week frozen in time and etched in my memory.” [Dan-Eddy]

Aged 22 to 27, from various backgrounds, they all have a project that they strongly feel about, discover them: 

Remi Labster 2020

Rémi, 25 

My name is Rémi and I will turn 26 in December. I was born in Paris, I grew up in Marseille and I now live in Aix-en-Provence. I just graduated in Psychology and Ergonomics of interfaces. I am currently a UX Freelance Designer and the rest of my life is busy with my passions and hobbies!

Our project (there are two of us) is an online user test tool primarily intended for UX Designers. Unfortunately, they do not always have access to the users for whom they design their interfaces. UX Designers (I'm in a good position to know that) suffer from this difficult access to users that is why we want to design this tool for them with the best of intentions. We both want to influence the world of work in the most positive way possible by bringing more humanity, warmth and mutual support. We are also ready to support the causes we believe in such as ecology and a more essentialist way of life.

I am joining Labster to maximize the chances of our project being successful and to meet other veteran entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs like myself. I am just as curious to discuss other people's projects as to have feedback on my own.


Dan Labster 2020

Dan-Eddy, 22 

My name is Dan-Eddy, I am 22  and I am currently a Master 1 student at IEP Aix-en-Provence. Originally from Toulouse, my passion for the oval ball has no limits. I am also a big lover of historical novels and Japanese cuisine.

My project, "SneakLab", aims to offer customizable shoes over the brush, at an affordable price. At SneakLab, we will produce our own shoe models, which will be biodegradable and customized by our artistic team. Our artists are the heart of our project, because it is important to us to make them visible and recognizable within our community. SneakLab is therefore a united, human and eco-responsible project.

I consider the Labster Week an extraordinary opportunity to be able to understand the world of entrepreneurship in its complementary aspects (marketing, coding, legislative, conceptual ...) while meeting confirmed entrepreneurs with an inspiring background!

My state of mind is summed up in Abraham Lincoln's phrase: "Always keep in mind that your own decision to succeed is more important than anything else.”


Janvier Labster 2020

Janvier, 26 

I am Janvier, I am 26 years old, I am from the Democratic Republic of Congo and I have lived in Marseille for more than 2 years. Currently I am a student at the Faculty of Economics and Management of Aix-Marseille University, where I am doing the DU "Becoming an entrepreneur". Before that I did a master's degree in Data and Digital Communication at the School of Journalism and Communication of Aix-Marseille University.

My project concerns the creation of an application that allows money to be transferred directly to the mobile money account of recipients in Africa. This application will connect the classic banking system and the mobile money system used in Africa in order to create a new mode of money transfer to this continent and put an end to the constraints of the classic counter model.

I decided to join the Labster program in order to study the feasibility of my project. In addition, to be equipped to face the demands of the entrepreneurial world. This is the ideal program to develop your project as long as all the conditions are met.

All the workshops offered are very interesting, but I pay particular attention to workshops such as "know your client"; "Business Model Canvas"; "Building your roadmap"; "legal aspect" and "pitch your project".


Clemence Labster 2020

Clémence, 23 

My name is Clémence, I am 23. I am from Orange. I came back to the region after 4 years in Lyon, to resume my studies in Management and Marketing of Services at IAE Aix-en-Provence.

My project is called Les Françaises, it is an ethical lingerie brand (in 100% bio-sourced and recyclable fabrics), Made in France, which aims to be sexy and comfortable so that all women of our time feel beautiful and confident in their lingerie.

I joined the Labster program, thanks to a referral. I took this opportunity to develop my idea, identify the steps I will take and test my idea with different people and especially in a place as rich as thecamp.


Hugo Labster 2020

Hugo-Battista, 25

Hugo, 25, from Aix forever! I resumed my studies last year, and for another two years at IAE Aix-Marseille after 5 years in the luxury industry. I want to develop my entrepreneurial spirit thanks to my sociability and my ambitions.

My project is called Virtua, it is a web page that aims to be the "social network" for Gamers, centralizing and filtering all Gaming news. The originality is that the content of the site will be produced for the most part directly by Internet users. Finally, Virtua will improve the world of gamers by offering a personalized selection accessible to players.

I applied to Labster because it was a great opportunity that was suggested to me by my school. Beyond the experience, the workshops and meetings are great tools and interactions for developing one's mind and one's project. In this sense, the meetings with startupers and the concrete aspect of the "Roadmap" workshop particularly attracted me.


Ibrahim Labster 2020

Ibrahim, 24 

My name is Ibrahim, I am 24, of Comorian origin, of French nationality. I am currently a garbage collector looking for new opportunities.

Coming from the districts of Marseille, my project is to support, in groups or individually, people from all walks to develop their self-confidence in line with their values and principles.

I joined the Labster program to develop my entrepreneurial streak among a very diverse group of people. This experience has allowed me to nurture myself from the people who have surrounded me all this week. I was able to develop my analytical skills, particularly in the Brand Strategy workshop and the meeting with entrepreneurs who came to share their experience with us with a stimulating setting like thecamp.


Pauline Labster 2020

Pauline, 27

Hello ! My name is Pauline, I am 27. I have a diploma in ergonomics and have been working for 4 years. I'm looking for a job right now, so I thought it was the perfect timing to develop my project.

One of my goals in life is to participate in the emancipation of women. I really want women to be independent, in all areas of their lives. To meet my goal, and as I really like DIY, my project is to offer group DIY classes to women so that they learn to dare and to fend for themselves in all situations.

I joined the Labster program to see if my idea was feasible and I'm delighted to see that it is! The workshops are made so that our idea evolves very quickly in a week and I think they are all essential to carry out our project. Personally, I discovered the Fablabs this week and I loved it!


Bechir Labster 2020

Béchir, 24 ans

Let me introduce myself, Bechir, 24 years old. I live in Marseille. I am a passionate person who works with the three Ps method: progression, persistence and patience. These 3Ps have allowed me to do what I love. Passionate about entrepreneurship, I want to develop my professional project around media and communication.

My project is to become a digital influencer. I want to promote on social networks, to an engaged community, the products or services of local merchants who are not present on these social networks and who wish to expand their customer base.

I wanted to participate in the Labster program in order to have a new experience and to meet other project leaders who like me are looking to structure their project, in order to learn from each other.




Special thanks to our partner SFR !


Labster is launched by thecamp in partnership with SFR, and supported of Pépite Provence.