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Nadia Sammut
Health Inclusion Food

Nadia Sammut – "Comment créer une cuisine positive ?"

Take a seat at the dinner table with Nadia Sammut, gluten-intolerant chef, and start seeing cuisine differently in this episode of Les Explorateurs.

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Les Explorateurs (The Explorers) is a podcast about how real people are making the future they want to live in. You'll hear bite-sized immersive stories recorded at thecamp. P.S. - there will be bonus episodes in English!

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” goes the saying. It’s a good description of the life of Nadia Sammut, the daughter of chef Reine Sammut, who suffers from both Celiac disease (gluten allergy) and lactose intolerance. Through the difficulties she faced with her diet, she gained a desire to cook differently, and to make gastronomy accessible to people with intolerances, as well as others. Today the Auberge de la Fenière is the top 100% gluten-free gastronomic restaurant in France. Food lovers from all horizons stop in the Luberon, in the south of France, to enjoy terroir products prepared in healthy ways.

Nadia Sammut, founder of Cuisine Libre® and advocate for flavors “from the pitchfork to the fork,” has created a research and training institute, the Institut Cuisine Libre®, to transmit skills and techniques for inclusive cooking, and to accompany food industry companies through the food and agricultural transition to help create a better-tasting world.

Nadia Sammut is an ambassador for the Climb startup acceleration program by the Village by CAAP at thecamp.