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The Pass learning workshops are back for 2020!

Collaboration, creativity, sustainable creation of value… create your own learning path from 15 different 2-day workshops. Caroline Isidore-Weibel, Program Manager, tells us more.

– Hey, Caroline! What’s new for the Pass workshops in 2020?

This year we have 15 Pass workshops (in French), each scheduled several times between January and December. Since this is the third season of the Pass, we’ve been continuing to perfect what was most appreciated in previous years. 

All of the scheduled workshops are designed to have a mix of participants from different professional backgrounds and organizations. We’ve scheduled all the workshops in overlapping sessions, so that participants from different workshops can meet each other and share what they’re learning. 

Workshops can also be specially arranged for intracompany learning experiences, even in Paris for our partners.

And we’ll have more news to announce throughout the year!

– How did moving to a two-day format change the Pass experience last year?

It was a clear success! We got a lot of positive feedback last year from participants who were happy to have a real break from their routines, to be able to enjoy the facilities and evening activities, and to have more time to spend with other learners and build their professional networks.  

Spending two nights and two days at thecamp allows for time to simply breathe, and for activities dedicated to the body and the heart, that go beyond the training workshop itself.

– How should participants go about choosing the workshops that best fit their goals?

In the 2020 Pass descriptions, we’ve added specifications for types of roles that can particularly benefit from the skills addressed in each workshops. You’ll also find a few suggestions for building tailored pathways through multiple workshops, for example to work on leadership, or sustainable businesses.

You can also learn more about a few of our experts on thecamp’s podcast, Les Explorateurs (these episodes are in French).

Svenia is an instructor for the Learn in the 21st Century and Create Learner Communities workshop (next session March 31-April 1).

Romain and Michel teach the 21st Century Leadership workshop (next session February 4-5).


And you can always contact us!


Click here for the full 2020 Pass workshop calendar (in French).