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Romain Cristofini
Leadership Management

Romain Cristofini – “Et si les dirigeants s’autorisaient à passer de la tête au cœur ?”

This week on Les Explorateurs, Romain Cristofini, executive coach, tells us about the surprising effect of the Sahara desert on a French company director.
[Episode in French]

“This director summoned all his managers to a conference call. He said, "Listen, you know I left for a week in the desert, that I needed to take stock of things, and that I needed to figure out what direction we can all go in together." And he told them, "I think that now our next step, after all we've been through, is to open a path to our hearts." And the conference call ended like that. So you can imagine the reaction of his managers, who probably heard that and thought, our boss might be a little out of it."

Romain Cristofini is an entrepreneur, executive coach and speaker. A pioneer in well-being at work, in 2002 he created a consulting firm that he sold twelve years later to "let his mind lie fallow" and reconnect with what's essential. In 2015, he founded Monasterra and introduced the first seminar-retreats for leaders and executive teams in France. In May 2019, he published Spiritual Intelligence at the Heart of Leadership (published by Interéditions, preface by Frédéric Lenoir) and launched the Enlightened Leaders community to bring together and support corporate decision-makers who want to combine personal and spiritual accomplishment with commitment to the world.

Romain also leads Leadership Retreats at thecamp.

Les Explorateurs (The Explorers) is a podcast about how real people are making the future they want to live in.

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