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Restaurant pour un futur et une alimentation plus durable

Try the Veggie Experience at thecamp!

Not really your thing? Or maybe you find it annoying even? You think you'll expected to eat seeds and flabby zucchini? And you'll be even more hungry when you've finished? That's because you've never tried thecamp's veg experience and our irresistible mushroom pasta, falafels or saffron risotto prepared by our chef Emilie! 

That's exactly the kind of menu we're experimenting with in our restaurant with our partner Sodexo. This deliberate choice may seem radical, but it's simply because the production of animal protein is extremely resource-hungry and has a huge impact on our environment. So, to imagine how we can feed mankind in the long term in a positive and sustainable way, we've gone vegetarian. It's a simple solution that can be put in place immediately and is replicable on both the individual and even collective scale. To take the approach even further, we even grow our own vegetables in our permaculture vegetable garden, which shortens the supply chain, and recycle the organic waste at a forced-air compost station, less labor-intensive than a standard composter. 

This trial, which has been running since the opening last September, didn't work right away. It took us a while to re-think our menus and realize that replacing a real steak by a vegetarian one that will never have the taste of meat wasn't good enough. As the weeks went by, we reinvented our dishes, focusing on vegetables and cereals, ensuring the right protein balance and making sure we gave Campers something they really enjoyed eating! Today, it works because we serve attractive and tasty dishes that are nutritionally nourishing. 

Still, the only way you'll really know is by coming and trying thecamp's veggie experience for yourself!

By the way, the next edition of our acceleration program Climb will be mainly focused on food resources of tomorrow, since it's a major challenge for the future. Are you an entrepreneur with radical solutions in the food sector? Then join us at Climb #02!


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Climb #02: Sept. 10 – Dec. 10
Application deadline: July 3, 2018.