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"It’s a place that doesn’t exist, so we decided to build it."

- Frédéric Chevalier, Founder

thecamp is a place where explorers from all over the world come to live, work and inspire each other to develop solutions for an more humane and sustainable future.

Nestled in a pine forest on the edge of Aix-en- Provence and Marseille, its organic and futuristic architecture designed by architect Corinne Vezzoni recalls nomad encampments, versatile and existing in symbiosis with the environment.

As both a physical space and a human ecosystem, thecamp creates optimal conditions for transformative experiences, for deep collaborations that couldn’t happen elsewhere, and for on-the-ground experimentation.

About our mission

Fablab ICI thecamp 3D printer drone prototype maker space
Workshop Community Hive
Conference on artificial intelligence innovation
Ville en feu - creative impact

An experience
that aligns comfort with values

Every aspect of the on-campus experience was designed with sustainability and the local natural setting in mind.

Collaboration space - Studio

Workspaces designed for collaboration

In our light-filled cylinders inspired by cellular forms, teams have optimal conditions for getting ideas flowing and making them reality.

Living spaces for unwinding and recharging

Our accommodations combine minimalism with comfort, and are built from sustainably sourced natural materials that work with the Mediterranean climate.
Vegetarian restaurant

A taste of low-impact eating

In our restaurant, we’re experimenting with 100% vegetarian cuisine, prepared onsite with fresh ingredients. It’s a way to limit our environmental impact and awaken curiosity about new ways of eating.


Your journey starts here.

We look forward to design an inspiring experience for you

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