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A transnational innovation program to promote a more sustainable Mediterranean maritime economy.
Biotechnology Sustainable Development Oceans
Supported by Impact Factory
In progress
4helix projet européen

Stimulate sustainable growth and creative innovation in the Mediterranean maritime economy by supporting and financing projects where small businesses and startup work with innovation experts

February 2018
Project lead
Project details

The 4helix+ project aims to stimulate the emergence of creative and innovative projects in the Mediterranean “blue” economy, the sustainable maritime economy. The Marseille-Provence Chamber of Commerce (CCIMP) is the regional partner of 4helix+ in France. For the Région Sud, the CCIMP has identified 4 specific sectors: naval repair and construction, maritime transport including coastal transport and tourism), marine biotechnologies and renewable marine energies.

The project, which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), offers support and funding to small businesses and start-ups whose activity is related to the maritime economy, and who wish to improve their competitiveness in a sustainable and responsible way through the sharing of knowledge and open innovation.

The maritime economy clusters within eight Mediterranean maritime regions are involved in 4helix+: Zadar County (Croatie), Marche (Italy), Central Macedonia (Greece), Andalucia (Spain), Catalonia (Spain), Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur (France), Albania (Albania), Lisbon Region (Portugal). The project aims to promote transnational transfers of methods, tools and expertise.

A total of 480,000€ in innovation vouchers will be awarded to at least 48 companies. They will use the vouchers to implement their creative innovation projects with the guidance of Knowledge Providers (KPs) that they will selecte from a transnational list, who are either from the Cultural and Creative Industries or “new innovation agents” (fablabs, makerspaces, etc.).

The CCIMP will choose a maximum of 6 tandems (company and KP) to receive innovation vouchers. thecamp is assisting and accompanying the (CCIMP) as a local innovation expert during the program.

February 2018
Kick-off at the European scale, in Rome

July 2018
Second steering committee held, in Lisbon

September 2018
thecamp selected as an innovation expert by the CCIMP

October 2018
Kick-off of the French part of the program

November 2018
Call for Knowledge Providers opens

February 2019
Call for applications from small businesses and startups launches

March 31, 2019
Call for projects/tandems closes

June 2019
Beginning of the acceleration phase (project owners – experts)

December 2019
End of the acceleration phase


Last updated: October 2019

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