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A place to talk about life with those who have lived it
Media Social innovation
Created by Hive

To foster sharing between generations, using videos of life stories and online exchanges

April 2018
Project lead
Derek Knowles
Film Maker & Storyteller
Derek Knowles
Quentin Maniguet
Coder & Engineer
Quentin Maniguet
Project details

The stigmatization of the elderly in our western societies obsessed by youthfulness is something that cannot be denied. Once they reach a certain stage, older people drift into a kind of isolation, shunned, forgotten or simply ignored by their friends and family. And yet some of the answers to the questions we ask ourselves today could well be found in their experiences. 63plus sees itself as a bridge between generations, in which the assembled stories inspire and stimulate exchanges over a break. 

In 63plus, short videos show men and women who have something to tell us: an anecdote, an ordeal, a piece of advice, life fragments that illustrate the universal nature of human experience. Visitors are invited to sign up to start a dialog with the players, under the watchful eye of the website moderators. 63plus addresses the UN’s Reduced Inequalities Sustainable Development Goal.

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