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A set of tools to facilitate workshops where children can interact beyond language and cultural differences
Education Arts and Culture
Created by Hive

To encourage understanding and multicultural ties, and to celebrate diversity

April 2018
Project lead
Julia Jacques
UX Designer
Julia Jacques
Aline Martinez Santos
Maker & Fashion Designer
Aline Martinez Santos
Sandile Pazvakavambwa
Graphic Designer
Sandile Pazvakavambwa
Léa Wlodarczyk
Space Designer
Léa Wlodarczyk
Project details

Alola is a method and tools for facilitating and promoting exchanges between children of different cultures and origins in their free time. The name Alola – for “Allô là!” (Hello there!) – was chosen by its creators to symbolize the importance of exchanging between cultures.

Alola devised six activity and game packs for children designed to be proposed at workshops organized in partnership with two kinds of associations: those organizing extracurricular activities for schoolchildren, such as day camps, community centers and summer camps, and those providing assistance to immigrant families.

Each of the six workshops covers a different theme: food, tales, language, music, clothing and cities. Each workshop has its own toolbox providing up to five different activities. The activities Alola proposes allows these potential language barriers to be bypassed through the use of pictures, smells, sounds, gestures and words, thanks to play and the momentum generated by everyone’s participation. Alola addresses the UN’s Quality Education and Reduced Equalities Goals.

We need you!

Alola is trialing its tools with children of families referred to it by an asylum seekers’ reception center (centre d’accueil de demandeurs d’asile) in Marseille and a local community center for French children. A crowdfunding drive will be launched to finance the start of operations.

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