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Audio Crumbs
A collective audio experience
Media New usages
Created by Hive

To create meaningful interaction that brings positive change

April 2018
Project lead
Tomas Vaclavek
Experimental Circus Artist
Tomas Vaclavek
Alexia Audemar
Game Designer & Facilitator
Alexia Audemar
Émilie Breslavetz
Game Designer
Émilie Breslavetz
Project details

Audio Crumbs is an innovative way of stimulating interaction and communication between individuals, whether they know each other or not. Using a mobile application and headphones, participants are guided by the narrator, who tells them where to go and what they have to do. 

Focusing on a specific theme, each session can be experienced in a specific space – museum, public space, company seminar hall – or anywhere in the world, bringing together people who log in simultaneously. Each person has a different role to play and different instructions to follow, thus making for an experience that is individualized yet collective. 

In a world where people are glued to their smart phone screens and more and more isolated in their various digital worlds, Audio Crumbs is an offbeat solution designed to raise awareness of the importance of face-to-face exchanges and physical interaction. Audio Crumbs addresses the UN’s Sustainable Cities and Communities Sustainable Development Goal.

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Audio Crumbs can be used by companies – for communication with and among their employees or with clients, partners and suppliers – associations, cultural venues (museums, theaters), public institutions, airports, etc.

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