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Connected beehives helping bees, consumers and biodiversity.
Startup Sustainable Development Food
Supported by The Village by CA
Beeing - Abeilles ruches connectée développement durable

Help bees flourish and assist beekeepers and researchers in preventing their decline with connected beehives.

September 2018
Project lead
Project details

With its system for extracting honey without coming into contact with bees, the Italian startup Beeing aims to increase the number of beehives both in cities and in the countryside, in professional and amateur circles. Its hives are designed to allow anyone to produce their own honey, thanks to a system that separates the bees’ living area with the area the honey is stored, thus making honey collection much easier.

Beeing has also developed a surveillance system for professionals that can be fitted to hives. A smartphone application linked to the system allows apiarists to view real-time information on the state of health of the hive, internal temperature and humidity, GPS coordinates and the presence of the queen bee and thus control the hive remotely. By combining all this data, Beeing will be able to provide researchers, companies, beekeepers and farmers with information and analysis regarding bee population numbers, their pollination activity, the impact of substances on their health, etc.

September - December 2018

Participation in the Village by CA Alpes Provence’s Climb #02 acceleration program

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