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An autonomous drone for analyzing air quality
Tech Drones Environment
Created by Hive
In progress

Beeyond collects data in areas difficult to access (industrial and peri-urban zones, natural wildernesses, villages…) in order to map pollution clouds, thus allowing preventative measures to be taken for improving the quality of the air we breathe.

September 2017
Project lead
David Erhun
Designer & maker
David Erhun
Walid Ben Haj Salah
Sound Designer & Recording Engineer
Walid Ben Haj Salah
Alexandre Amiel
Maker & programmer.
Alexandre Amiel
Project details

Beeyond is a lightweight drone (1 kg) that collects data at altitudes between 5 and 150m. Fitted with sensors and a powerful engine, the drone can fly for 12 minutes and can be tracked in real time.

It seeks out the fine particles (PM2.5) and gases (SO2 and SO4) in the atmosphere produced by human activity or forming pollution clouds (combustion, transportation, industry). It can also measure temperature and humidity levels.

The date collected is transmitted via the internet and displayed on a platform in real time.

This enables 3D models of the air to be made for precise mapping around large industrial sites, highways, cities etc. But it also helps in tracking pollution clouds. All this information should enable measures to be put in place to tackle the problems thus identified. 

September, 2017: Start of the project, conceptualization phase.

January, 2018: First bee-drone prototype able to take off and land autonomously.

February, 2018: First test using an air quality sensor fitted to the drone.

March, 2018: Final prototype of two drones with autonomous recharging.

April, 2018: First production design.

Post-Hive#01: Drone production. Collection and real-time processing of data from the sensors. 

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