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A new catamaran that makes sailing more accessible.
Inclusion Startup Mobility
Supported by The Village by CA
In progress
Befoil - photo

Befoil is a catamaran with innovative foils that provides a new sailing experience.

January 2017
Project lead
Sofya Zamolina
Co-founder Befoil
Sofya Zamolina
Benjamin Magnard
Founder & CEO Befoil
Benjamin Magnard
Project details

Sport is known for its benefits and the sense of well-being it creates. France, by its geography, is a nautical nation, with its coastal waters, white water, lakes and rivers. Almost 9 million people in the country practice a water sport of some kind. However, there remain social and economic barriers to accessing water sports. The Befoil –formerly the Voilavion- started out as an R&D project working on different mast and foil configurations. The start-up has used innovation as a way of making sailing more accessible to as many as possible, with a 16’ catamaran that flies along on the boundary between sea and sky.

Aimed at sailing schools and beginners, the boat is being marketed in partnership with naval architects VPLP.

  • 2011: Voilavion is born
  • 2012 – 2016: First prototype built and tested; R&D on different masts and foils.
  • 2017: ADEME award; Beginning of partnership with VPLP to build a 16’ foiled catamaran for sailing schools.
  • January 15, 2018 – April 15, 2018: Participation in the Climb #01
  • 2018: Befoil is born and the prototype tested; launch of industrialization.
  • End 2018: First deliveries to clients
We need you!

Befoil is looking for partners in the PACA region to supply their boat to sailing schools and allow more people to fly across the water!

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