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Capture the moment. An interactive social experiment to reinvent the moment two strangers meet.
Society Arts and Culture Tech
Created by Hive

In a hyper-connected world where people no longer take time to meet, Capsule uses technology to re-create social ties in our cities in a unique and sensory way.

September 2017
Project lead
Tiffany Sun
UX designer.
Tiffany Sun
Florence Grosse
Assistant Fablab Manager
Florence Grosse
Project details

Capsule is an interactive installation in which the encounter between two strangers is transformed into a unique scent that captures the instant. Comprising a connected screen, a series of questions and a fragrance-making machine, the installation transports you to the social space of the future.

Set up in any public place (library, hotel, airport...), Capsule is an other-worldly space that inspires the participating duo to get to know each other.

The experiment enables users to meet and get to know other people in a fun way. It prompts us to question our relationships with others in this new world of technology and social networks. When was the last time you were happy? What is your most precious memory?… Capsule captures all the answers to these questions in a fragrance that reminds us of the Importance of human relations.



September 2017: Creation of the project.

February 2018: Testing of the machine-interface connections, rhythm and ambiance.

April 2018: Application presented at thecamp and at the Paris Maif Social Club.

June 13-23 2018: Capsule presented at the "Correspondances" show in Paris.

Spring 2018: Installation trialed at the Méjanes Library in Aix-en-Provence.


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