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Clean City
Involving citizens in making the city a better place.
Positive impact Social innovation Environment
Supported by The Village by CA
In progress

Clean City is a social network where members can organize themselves in groups to protect and clean up their environment.

January 2018
Project lead
Mostapha El Alaoui
CTO, Co-fondateur
Mostapha El Alaoui
Mostafa Amraoui
Art director, co-founder
Mostafa Amraoui
Mouhsin Bour Qaiba
CEO & CTO mobile, co-founder
Mouhsin Bour Qaiba
Project details

Each year in France, 81,000 tonnes of garbage is disposed of illegally. City administrations are no longer the only ones upholding respect for the environment, citizens are now also acting against pollution. 

Clean City is a mobile application aimed at making our towns and cities cleaner and getting pollution black spots cleaned up by sending real-time complaints.

Protecting the city environment is now everyone’s responsibility.

January 15, 2018 – April 15, 2018: Participation in the Climb #01

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