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INDI Ingeniería y Diseño
Great human experiences using technology.
Startup Tech Mobility
Supported by The Village by CA
Indi projet

Ensure that great technology exists and that everyone can contribute to its development.

June 2015
Project lead
Jesús Tamez-Duque
Founder & Lead Developer, INDI Ingeniería y Diseño
Jesús Tamez-Duque
Fernanda Zapata
Operations Supervisor, INDI Ingeniería y Diseño
Fernanda Zapata
Project details

INDI Ingeniería y Diseño creates great human experiences in collaboration with researchers and artists.

INDI joins efforts with people who have an idea realted to health or entertainment, and partners to acquire funding and propose a product which maximizes human impact. It develops the hardware and software of the product through its engineering and design skills, and then helps get it to market through a global network in industry.

Each technology that INDI develops has the potential to help millions to tens of millions of people. Just one of the products already developed (robotics for rehabilitation) can address the needs of more than 4.5 million people in Mexico City alone, and 12 million in France.

April - July 2019

Participation in the Village by CA Alpes Provence’s Climb #03 acceleration program

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