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Inpulse Protein
Supplement powders made from vegetable and insect proteins.
Startup Sustainable Development Food
Supported by The Village by CA
Inpulse protein - Alimentation durable protéines insectes

Allow everyone to benefit from positive, sustainable and healthy eating, starting with proteins.

August 2017
Project lead
Project details

Proteins are essential for the human body, but the animal-protein industry is one of the most polluting in the world, in addition to having controversial effects on health and questionable effects on animal well-being. We're witnessing a profound cultural change: 70% of the world's population is reducing its consumption of meat.

Using alternative sources of protein allows us to reduce our environmental impact, and to make our eating a vector of positif impact! For example, crickets release 90% less greenhouse effect than beef (UN, 2014).

Inpulse Protein sources positive proteins made from plants or insects that are rich in nutrients beneficial for health, better for the environment and organic. With these, Inpulse Protein creates intelligent powder blends that can replace one dose of proteins from a meal in a single spoonful, as well as protein bars.

April - July 2019

Participation in the Village by CA Alpes Provence’s Climb #03 acceleration program

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