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A multi-sensorial and immersive experience to wind down and re-connect with oneself.
Society Relaxation Visual arts
Created by Hive

In a hyper-connected world where everything is moving faster and faster, Interlude gives new value to time for oneself. This immersive artistic experience stimulates all the senses, allowing users to wind down during a short break.

September 2017
Project lead
Francesco Garbo
Film producer & multimedia artist.
Francesco Garbo
Olivier Filip Vandenbrandt
Interior & space designer.
Olivier Filip Vandenbrandt
Nanaui Amoros Silva
Interaction designer & maker - Interlude & Hiver season #01
Nanaui Amoros Silva
Project details

Interlude is an artistic installation providing an interactive, multi-sensorial sound and light experience. Taking its inspiration from the principle of synaesthesia, it measures users' heart rates and levels of stress to provide them with intense relaxation during a short time out for themselves.

In urban locations such as train stations, this immersion gives people the chance to live better in the city. 

September 2017: Creation of the project.

April 2018: Application presented at thecamp and the Paris Maif Social Club.

Spring 2018: Interlude installation due to be trialed at Aix-en-Provence station in partnership with SNCF Gares & Connexions.

June 13-23 2018: Interlude present at the "Correspondances" exhibition in Paris.