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A technology to recover and transform human energy.
Society Environment Smart City
Created by Hive
Mergy - HIVE #1

In a world of diminishing natural resources where urgent action is needed to bring about more responsible energy consumption, Mergy combines technology and leisure to find new sources of energy and change people’s habits and behavior at festivals.

September 2017
Project lead
Apolline Rigaut
Innovation manager
Apolline Rigaut
Anaïs Texier
UX designer & digital project manager
Anaïs Texier
Julie Guidicelli
Graphic designer
Julie Guidicelli
Project details

Mergy is an educational technological solution that promotes energy self-sufficiency at festivals.

In its experimental version, Mergy is a collaborative game for 2 to 6 players on a board that represents a festival. The aim of the game is to find the route that recovers the most energy to power the festival.

Mergy is also a new type of flooring made up of ceramic tiles which, when placed close to the stage, capture the kinetic energy produced by the crowd. This concept enables the energy produced by the festival-goers to be reinjected into a smart grid, thus reducing the amount of traditionally-produced electricity consumed.

September 2017: Creation of the project.

March 2018: Educational game tested in workshops.

April 2018: Game presented at thecamp and at the Paris Maif Social Club.

Ongoing: Presentation to the Education Department and festival organizers.

September 2018: Presentation of the ceramic flooring technology.

June 15-16 2018: Presentation of the collaborative game at the Marsatac Festival.

July 11-15 2018: Presentation of the collaborative game at the Dour Festival.

August 23-26 2018: Presentation of the collaborative game at the Marsatac Festival.