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Delicious plant-based sesserts made from Camargue rice.
Startup Sustainable Development Food
Supported by The Village by CA
MoRice - alimentation durable

Make tasty plant-based desserts made from locally-sourced organic ingredients.

September 2018
Project lead
Project details

The goal of MoRice? To make really tasty plant-based desserts using only locally-produced ingredients. Being based in Marseille, the obvious starting point was Camargue rice, a grain that not only goes well with sweet tastes, but also provides a texture and flavor close to traditional yogurt without having to use additives.

It took a year of research and development before starting to test the product in October 2017, by way of a small, local distribution network. After a successful trial period, MoRice started full-scale marketing in May 2018, with an ever-expanding distribution network that today includes 75 independent retailers supplied through a wholesaler, 10 local organic cooperative stores supplied directly and 25 restaurants throughout France which use their cream to make their own desserts. Each month sees a total of one ton of rice leave their 25-sq.m. production unit located in Marseille’s northern district.

September - December 2018

Participation in the Village by CA Alpes Provence’s Climb #02 acceleration program

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