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Plastic and Ocean Platform (POP)
A general-interest program to halt ocean pollution
Environment Pollution Oceans
Created by Waves
In progress

Each year on average 8.3 million tonnes of plastic is washed into the oceans. The time it takes for plastic to degrade varies from a few years to several centuries. POP brings together the world's most active stakeholders to maximize the collective impact

June 2017
Project lead
Marina Rachline
Head of Waves
Marina Rachline
Pierrick Rousset-Rouvière
Future(s) of Work project manager
Pierrick Rousset-Rouvière
Project details

The POP currently has 30 international scientists and 20 NGOs on board.

Its first deliverable is a scientific report resulting from work carried out by the two communities which gives clear and concise answers to the questions we all ask ourselves about plastic pollution and its consequences.

The next step is a week of project acceleration at thecamp in the form of a residency: one week in November, 2018, during which a community of international stakeholders will work on the issue of plastic waste in the Marseille area. The aim is to adapt the method to other coastal cities thanks to detailed, open-source documentation.

This project helps all stakeholders working for the depollution and preservation of the oceans and marine ecosystems -activists, scientists, start-ups, collectives, public and private-sector decision-makers from all over the world- to act more efficiently.

June, 2017: 10 collectives meeting at thecamp agree on the principles and aims of the POP.

October 15, 2017: Official POP launch.

December 4-5, 2017: 40 scientists and activists from 12 different countries meet at thecamp. Five multi-disciplinary teams work collectively of a report presenting the current state of plastic pollution in the oceans.

March, 2018: The collective presents the results of its work at the 6th International Marine Debris Conference in San Diego organized by the NOAA.