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Plastic Arcade
A range of retro-style video games to enhance awareness of plastic pollution
Pollution Oceans
Created by Hive

To encourage us, in a fun way, to change our consumption habits

April 2018
Project lead
Théo Le Du
Interactive & Game Designer
Théo Le Du
Sikai Li
Coder & Sound Designer
Sikai Li
Nicholas Grossman
Visual Effects - 3D Artist
Nicholas Grossman
Project details

Plastic Arcade is an arcade game-type machine, based on the type found in public spaces a few decades ago. The Plastic Arcade team has come up with a range of games inspired by arcade classics, such as “Plastiroid”, a remake of Asteroids, in which the rocks of the original are now pieces of plastic waste, which break down into smaller and smaller particles when fired on, finally ending up inside fishes’ stomachs. 

The arcade machine can be used in support of other more comprehensive awareness installations such as exhibitions, literary or documentary events on the subject or even accompanied by mediators, who can then take over and provide answers to the questions raised by the game. Plastic Arcade addresses the UN’s Climate Action Sustainable Development Goal.

We need you!

Plastic Arcade is looking to set up partnerships with associations involved in the protection of the seas and oceans to develop the project and test the concept of arcade miniature, and propose it to the public