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A conceptual film about our relationship with plastic and an interactive installation that responds to recycling.
Environment Pollution Recycling
Created by Hive
Plasticity Hive project thecamp

Increase public awareness about responsible uses of plastic.

March 2019
Project lead
Dian Song
Maker & Programmer
Dian Song
Dongmei Lu
Creative Director
Dongmei Lu
Eleni Xynogala
Eleni Xynogala
Myroslava Kuts
Sound Artist & Sociologist
Myroslava Kuts
Project details

The first industrial objects made of plastic are approaching their 100th birthday. A genuine revolution at the time, and symbols of modern times, they have become society’s most reviled type of garbage. So is plastic a friendly creature symbolizing human civilization’s evolution, or an ogre devouring the world that conceived it? Maybe both. PLASTICITY is here to remind us that we don’t need to demonize all plastic, but just know how to use it better.

PLASTICITY promotes better use of the substance with two creative works. The first is a conceptual film in which a dancer creates a dialog with different plastic objects, each one a symbol representing concepts such as intimacy, love, separation, etc., and which tells of humanity’s ambiguous relationship with plastic over the years. The second is an interactive installation comprising a moving sculpture made out of plastic waste – a creature – and a smart trash can. The creature gives a positive or negative reaction according to whether visitors sort the trash they are given to throw into it correctly or incorrectly.

March - September 2019

Project created during the Hive#03 collaborative residency at thecamp

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