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Radio Rocher
A poetic interface for maintaining links between city dwellers and nature.
Arts and Culture Environment
Created by Hive
Radio Rocher Hive project thecamp

Reconnect city dwellers with the natural world.

March 2019
Project lead
Amanda Lewis
Designer & Visual Artist
Amanda Lewis
Bidisha Das
Bidisha Das
Dorota Orlof
Dorota Orlof
Project details

How can we resolve the disconnection from nature that is felt in the concrete canyons of the city? A team of Hive residents decided to form the collective Telenatura Lab and bring nature into the city to remind city dwellers that they are part of a much larger ecosystem.

The first prototype designed by Telenatura Lab is Radio Rocher, an interactive sculpture. It’s a connected rock (rocher in French) that broadcasts sounds of waves, birds, buzzing insects and more, recorded in real-time around the world. Just like holding a seashell against your ear to hear the sound of the sea, users are prompted to put an ear against one of the cracks in the rock face, where a soundscape transports the listener to places such as New York, Kyoto or thecamp’s garden.

March - September 2019

Project created during the Hive#03 collaborative residency at thecamp

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