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A creative, raw material made of recycled oyster shells with a natural binding agent.
Arts and Culture Design Recycling
Created by Hive

Faced with the major challenge of waste management, raWMaterial provides a way of recycling the millions of shells from the shellfish eaten each year, with a new, natural and environmentally-friendly recycled material.

September 2017
Project lead
Pauline Mure
Artist & designer
Pauline Mure
Laureline De Leeuw
Designer of objects & spaces
Laureline De Leeuw
Project details

Rich in calcium and phosphorous, oyster shells are known for being recycled in arable land or reused in industry.

raWMaterial opens up new horizons for this organic waste product. Once cleaned and ground down to a fine grit, the shells are mixed with a binding agent and transformed into a natural-looking raw material that can be used to make a construction material or used in art for interior design and decoration! 

There are also ecological and financial benefits: lower trash collection costs for restaurant owners and chains, local job creation, a reduction in landfill or incinerated waste and a new, natural substitute for substances that pollute our environment.