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Smartport Challenge #1
An open innovation program to create the port of the future.
Startup Tech Mobility
Supported by Impact Factory
Smart port challenge - développement durable

Create solutions for a more sustainable and efficient port through collaboration among startups, SMEs and large corporations of the Marseille Fos port ecosystem

April 2018
Project lead
Project details

Organized by the Port of Marseille Fos, CCI Marseille Provence and Aix-Marseille University, the Smartport Challenge is made up of 7 challenges proposed by 7 large companies in the Marseille Fos port ecosystem. 


Les Terrasses du Port:
How to inform users better about and around the port?

How to optimize terminal’s get out container operations by means of data available? 

How to use renewable energy for connecting ships to the electric grid?

Naval Group:
How to establish port cybermapping ? 

How to calculate the environmental footprint of a freight shipping route under an offset system?

La Méridionale: 
How to interface a carrier’s run management system with the RFID tag displayed on the trailer and its location on the dock?

How to provide battery capacity alerts at low cost?


The challenges are aimed at startups and SMEs: a duo is formed between a winner and the company sponsoring each challenge. For 3 months, each duo benefits from methodological support from thecamp, in particular during 3 sprints that are led by collective intelligence and innovation professionals. At the end of the 3 months, each duo presents the results of the challenge. The projects can then continue to be developed.

You can learn more about the solutions developed during the challenge, and see them embedded in their environment, using this 360° visualization tool (also compatible with virtual reality).

To learn more about what methods and guidance thecamp brought to the challenge, read our interview with Jonathan Blaise, project manager.

April 2018
Project kick-off

October 10, 2018
Public meeting to launch the application period

December 2018
Close of the application period and Jury Day to select the competition winners

January 25, 2019
Event announcing the winners

Febuary 2019
Beginning of the 3-month period during which the duos work on the challenges, including three “sprints” at thecamp

July 4, 2019
Closing of the challenge at Smartport Day #1, an annual event open to the public presenting the evolution of the smart port strategy