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Spark Horizon
Self-financing electric vehicle charging stations.
Startup Energy Mobility
Supported by The Village by CA
Spark Horizon - Développement durable station rechargeable

Accelerate electric vehicle uptake with self-financing charging stations available everywhere.

September 2018
Project lead
Thibault Castagne
Thibault Castagne
Thibaud Febvre
Thibaud Febvre
Project details

Electric cars represent a significant response to the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Despite the wide range of vehicles available, their adoption remains very marginal. Among the main barriers to this adoption is the sparseness of charging stations across the country and a lack of network interchangeability, which make long journeys in an electric car very complicated, even impossible.

The startup is developing connected charging stations with screens and digital out of home (DOOH) displays that allow advertisers and municipalities to deliver information. Spark Horizon thus aims to offer city authorities and real estate companies a turnkey infrastructure solution that it will finance through the advertising inventory. As for the users, they will get the first 30 minutes of charging free and will be able to pay for charging using discount coupons available from the restaurant or shopping mall partnering the scheme. 

The stations will be installed in busy thoroughfares such as parking lots at shopping malls or close to restaurants, movie theaters or museums. A mobile app will inform the car’s driver of station locations, including those of other networks. 


September - December 2018

Participation in the Village by CA Alpes Provence’s Climb #02 acceleration program

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