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An interactive app to learn about tales from all over the world.
Society Arts and Culture Tech
Created by Hive

In a globalized world of information technology and migratory flows, getting to know humans from other parts of the world is a key issue for society & inclusion. Tale aims to enhance empathy by introducing us to other cultures through their oral histories

September 2017
Project lead
Charles Manalt
Industrial design, 3D and VFX.
Charles Manalt
Pape Seck Abdoulaye
Pape Seck Abdoulaye
Pierre Guthauser
Pierre Guthauser
Maguelone Dunoyer
Graphic designer & DA.
Maguelone Dunoyer
Project details

Tale is a mobile app that takes the user on a journey to more than 20 countries, with over 100 traditional tales from all over the world. This interactive world map immerses the user in a universe of augmented reality combining sound and images.

The experience is an invitation to discover and share cultures which stimulates the imagination of children and adults alike. The originality and diversity of tales are a call to rethink multicultural and transgenerational dialog in a fun way.

September 2017: Creation of the project

January 2018: Participation in the second "Nuit de la Lecture" and the "E-book Show" in Aix-en-Provence

March 2018: User trails

April 2018: App presented at thecamp and at the Paris Maif Social Club.

Ongoing: Tale being promoted among tourism and education sector stakeholders.

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