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Develop an organization’s innovation potential thanks to its co-workers.
Future of Work Startup
Supported by The Village by CA
In progress

Enable peer sharing and continued improvement within complex system for better learning and collaboration.

January 2017
Project lead
Benoît Louazel
Co-founder of Uppeer, in charge of partenerships
Benoît Louazel
Baptiste Dumeurger
Co-founder of Uppeer
Baptiste Dumeurger
Project details

The world of work is changing and organizations are becoming more and more agile to fulfil their clients’ needs. Uppeer is a tool that allows teams to quickly adapt and create sustainable value in complex and changing environments.

Using various features, (messaging app, dashboard…) co-workers can exchange ideas and convert any operational action into a learning opportunity. The platform’s automation element fosters collaboration and continued improvement within companies.

  • 2017: Uppeer was created
  • January 15-April 15, 2018: Participation in the Climb#01 Acceleration program
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